JeanPaul Paula x JeanPaul Gaultier
The Show Must Go On While the world seems to be closing in on itself, #JeanPaulGaultier is opening its doors by sharing the behind-the-scenes of its Couture House. This is a full immersion inside a show that is not a show, a way to meet the Petites-Mains and Artisans of the House while being guided by our longtime friends and a new generation of muses. A dialogue between the world of Haute Couture and multifaceted French beauties. Going forward, the House wants to keep protecting its heritage and values as it gets ready to write a new chapter in its book.
#HouseOfGaultier #PFW Ditected by @nicolascoulomb. Styled by @georgia.pendlebury. Creative Direction by @florencetetier. Music by @crystallmess. Cast @toka_modell @rayamartigny @jeanpaulpaula @taqwabintali @tanelbedrossiantz @clemencebotinooff @lunaaharst.