Creative director Florian Joahn and I collaborated on this project. 2015 when asked how i see myself in an honest way i started to think as a stylist I got caught between the things I look at "in fashion most of what we see if white people" and the way that I look. In the world of fashion the colour of my skin is a problem and often goos unacknowledged. for this project i looked into colourism within the black community and found that we have allot of problems within our own community. I was born in the Dutch Caribbean and grew up in the Netherlands I’ve been exposed to black face for as long as i can remember. having white people condition black people to believe that the darker your skin is the uglier and less fortunate you will be in a white society let me to believe it was ok to look down on people that were darker then me. This work was made to argue that we should be aware of this colourism and we should start this discussion with our own community. I drew inspiration from the original Skin Heads Agains Racial Prejudice and tattooed my lower lip. colourism continues to be a problem in the black/brown and POC community with its roots laying in Racism. This work was made to argue the responsibility we have in understanding that life is different for people who have a darker skin tone and it is up to us to change this narrative. This work was made with Dutch blackface #ZwartePiet in mind a protest against it.
Work by Florian Joahn & JeanPaul Paula