Eine Romanze (2019) [ Do Disturb Festival , Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR ] The title, Eine Romanze (2019), comes from Werner Herzog’s. “Eine Romanze. Elle Freunde ham’ auf mir gewartet. Das hier ist der beste Freund; ein Schwarzer.” (A romance. All my friends awaited me. Here is the best friend one can have; a black.” (referring to a piano)). This piece is a romance. It consists of a five-second interaction, slowed down over several hours. The story follows two strangers who cross paths without saying a word; two parallel lines that never meet. One briefly glances back at the other while the other, unknowingly, hesitates to do the same. The first, unreciprocated, turns their gaze back in front of them and continues on their trajectory just as the other finally turns to shoot a glance in turn only to be half a beat too late to notice the other’s effort. They also look away and keep on in the opposite direction.
Curated by Vittoria Matarrese Project mgmt : Lena Peyrard, Manon Klein & Alice Giudicenti Production & studio mgmt : Rachel Halickman Casting : Ibrahim Tarouhit (HYBRA Casting) ​Styling : Jean Paul Paula, assisted by Merveille Malaki Floral : Anatomie Fleur Makeup : MAC Cosmetics France ​Photos : Ayka Lux & Guillaume Lebrun ​Performed by : Paula Doory Eden Tinto Collins ​Edward Napoleon Snake Ninja Marvin Latournald Andre Atangana ​Miles Greenberg