JeanPaul Paula at ‘A Funeral for Street Culture’ Exhibition
A Funeral for Street Culture is a critical celebration of street culture. It echoes the culture produced and owned by the communities from whom it originated. But what happens when the culture and its productions are commodified by brands and institutions? To what extent are these processes of institutionalization and hyper-commercialization a death sentence to street culture? Is there still room for a counterculture when the counter becomes mainstream? My answer to the question asked was to highlight my family and my world. My experiences between heaven and hell. As a Curaçaoan person growing up in the country that shaped the existence of my being that of the colonizer. It shapes a black person I wanted to highlight the fact that street culture is being kept alive by the street and it’s ever growing population due to children that can’t stay home or have an unstable one the vast majority of Black and Brown LGBTQA+ individuals that are shown the door they are street culture and they are what’s keeping its authenticity alive it’s individuals like @dearmsboogie @ms.carriestacks, @trannilicious @0800shygirl , @linndaquebrada and @jupdobairro it’s streets educating themselves to make a better tomorrow for the ever growing youth. I created my dream room between heaven and hell you get to take a glimpse it to what shapes me stories of my family, friends my fight with understanding what shapes me and my body.
Thank you @metro54 @framerframed @ritaouedraogo @amalistique thank you Papa and @iluminada777 JeanPaul Paula at 'A Funeral for Street Culture' van Metro54 en Rita Ouédraogo gehost door Framer Framed, Amsterdam (2021)