My Brothers; Nos Kultura
My brothers You grow up looking at family albums and you keep seeing your father’s first-born son. Our father has 11 children. We didn’t all grow up together due to JeanPaul’s departure and the time we spent apart because of his sexuality. As he wasn’t really allowed to communicate with us for a greater part, the younger siblings only knew of JeanPaul through stories and photo albums. Him being the oldest comes with its responsibilities in our culture, and JeanPaul embodies the role of older brother to the T. Even though we lost time together, the love that we carry in our family binds us together in a way that only family will every understand. We are proud of you, JeanPaul, and we love you.
Creative Direction & Styling @jeanpaulpaula photographer @mcjoli makeup artist @edzz86 Assistant stylist @fvtima Special thank you to Calvin Klein