My Sister and My Step Mother 2
My step-mother and sister Growing up, JeanPaul would confide in me and share his secrets and thoughts. As he grew older, he would continue to communicate about how he was experiencing school and his sexuality. When he told me he was gay at 17, my reaction was something that I’m still ashamed of today. When we sent JeanPaul away, my heart broke; we tore our family apart over something we didn’t understand. In the 10 years that followed, we continued to express great distain for what we thought was a life that our son chose — only to learn from JeanPaul, by spending time together, that his sexuality was as much a choice as mine is. I wrote you a letter that I never got to send, and all these years later you found it in yourself to forgive and open your heart to us once again. You have made our family whole again, and for this I will forever be grateful. @calvinklein #proudinmycalvins
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